Program Qualifications

Brick and mortar without eCommerce

Given the focus of this project, selected applicants will likely be composed of small brick and mortar businesses without a way to sell their products online.


Only businesses within the Portland metro area will be considered for this round of 20 in 20. Future rounds may focus on other areas.

Need-based and viable

Those businesses that may demonstrate need as well as have the ability to ramp up sales over a short period of time without closing may be favored. These details may be determined in a secondary survey or video interview.

Single location favored

Single location applicants will likely be favored however the selection committee will review each application based on their circumstances and merit.

Independents favored

Independent businesses often lack the resources that larger organizations have access to. That said, we understand that hospitality, restaurants, and other related industries have also been impacted. We will review every application based on its merits.

Ability to fulfill

Businesses whose products are well suited to be shipped or delivered via conventional means or that may be delivered digitally are preferred.

Impacted industries considered

We're looking for applications including but not limited to general retail, clothing and apparel, books and publications, food and beverage, and other industries that have been forced to close or modify their business model in a way that puts their business at risk.

Final selection decisions are made by local goes global

While we would like to assist all applicants, the local goes global team will have the sole discretion in evaluating and selecting participating applicants. Selected applicants will be required to provide the request product descriptions, photos, pricing and other information critical to building these experiences. If a selected applicant is unable to provide the necessary information in a timely manner, another business may be selected in their place.